The Esteemed Uncle Acid

Low self-esteem is generally considered a bad thing. It’s hard to disagree with that statement. I’m not talking about having low self-esteem in comparison to the maniacal levels of esteem we are currently expected to have, either. I’m talking about real despair here, people. There are times, though, this negativity spawns something amazing.

Case in point – Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.

If you aren’t acquainted with Uncle Acid, do yourself a solid and click on this:

This is some seriously good shit. If you don’t like it, we can probably still be friends, but I’m going to talk badly about your taste in music.

But, Trey, I though this blog was all about self-esteem and a thinly veiled attempt to shill your book. Why are you talking about music now? Because Uncle Acid exists primarily due to low self-esteem, that’s why.

The shadowy beginnings of the Deadbeats are rooted in the good Uncle’s frustration and dissatisfaction with his current life and circumstances. When asked what motivated him to start a band, frontman K.R. Starrs said, “The urge just came to start writing, probably due to boredom and frustration. I was unemployed at the time and absolutely no one would hire me for anything. Months and months went by and I think I just completely lost my mind. Next thing I knew, I had all these songs, so I thought I’d start a band to record them. That became Vol. 1. The small profit we made off that was put straight into Blood Lust.”

Without negativity and low self-esteem, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats probably wouldn’t exist. The fuzzy riffs, occult lyrical stories, and catchy melodies would all be lost. Because Starrs was struggling with feelings of low self-worth, he has been on tour with Black Sabbath. Sure, there are a ton of other factors at play, and most people who feel like shit don’t get to pal around with Ozzy Osbourne, but bending Occam’s razor a bit means that it did in the case of Uncle Acid.

As a culture, we are quick to dismiss and prevent negative feelings whenever possible. We no longer acknowledge that we can learn from failure, or that negative energy is still energy that can be turned into something brilliant. It’s not possible for everyone to feel good about themselves all the time, so we should stop pretending that it is. What is possible is encouraging ourselves and each other to turn negative emotions into something constructive, which will actually help us find some forward momentum to build upon.


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