Ron Swanson, American Hero.

Parks and Recreation is gone, and even though the last season wasn’t stellar, I continue to be deeply saddened by it’s absence. In my daily life, I strive to be like Ron Swanson whenever possible. I rarely hit the mark, though, usually landing somewhere between Andy and Tom. I seem to come closer to achieving my goal whilst rocking a sweet, sweet ‘stache, but I’ll admit that’s probably some sort of mustachioed placebo effect.

I want to write about Ron Swanson because he is the anti-snowflake.

Ron Swanson doesn’t need your self-esteem, or your bullshit, or you in general. He is a man of steadfast integrity, and is not in need of your pandering to feel good about himself. He knows what he is and what he is not.

In the true spirit of Ron Swanson, I’m going to restrain myself from rambling on and keep this simple. Here is the most Swansonian advice I have to give:

Know who you are. Earn what you have. Work toward your goals. Acknowledge your faults. Learn from your failures. Be good to those you love.

Now bring me all of the bacon and eggs you have.



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