I wrote a book about the negative cultural impacts of encouraging the development of unrealistically high levels of self-esteem. It’s called The Snowflake Effect: How the Self-Esteem Movement Ruined a Generation.  As the title may suggest, it’s not an incredibly nice book. If you click the link, you can preview the prologue of the book as well. It’s sarcastic and caustic and cynical, which hopefully appeals to you.  If not, that’s cool too.

Here is the description from the back cover:

Just about everyone under the age of thirty is an entitled, unhappy, lazy, shallow, egomaniacal monster. At least that’s what they say. They, of course, are pretty much anyone over the age of thirty. They are also pretty accurate in their description of us. This has become something of a problem for our society. The Self-Esteem Movement was the catalyst for the shift in cultural norms and values that has allegedly ruined an entire generation. Everyone was suddenly a special and unique little snowflake. Trophies were mandatory. Success became an expectation. We have been corrupted by self-esteem. This warrants discussion, but no ordinary discussion will do. Bear witness as one of these snowflakes attempts to examine the detrimental and lingering impact of the Self-Esteem Movement through topics including television, education, Sigmund Freud, stand-up comedy, region, mental illness, baseball, pornography, and a number of other things that are at least somewhat relevant. You are not special. Neither am I.



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