Welcome, fellow traveler of the shallow and depraved wasteland we call the internet. I’m so glad you’ve found your way here through all of the cat videos, selfies, and pornography.

Flakes of Cynicism is the online base of operations for Trey Willis, sarcastic misanthrope, blogger, and pseudo-author of The Snowflake Effect:How the Self-Esteem Movement Ruined a Generation. To find out more about this sarcastic pop-cultural analysis about self-esteem, click the picture below, or ‘Book’ in the menu above.

Proceed to his blog by clicking here, or the very predictably named ‘Blog’ link in the aforementioned menu above. New posts will be published each Monday, henceforth known as Misanthropic Mondays due to Trey’s love of cynicism and alliteration.

Enjoy your stay. Be sure to pick up your participation ribbon on the way out, and don’t forget that you are not special. None of us are.

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